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Lemons Thunderhill August 2011

Hey All!

I bit too tired to say much other than WHAT A FRIGGEN BLAST J…more about the event later but we wanted to share (maybe brag a little) about the Bridgeway’s return to Lemons as the Bridgeway Bombers!

Here are the results and a few highlights:


  • Overall finish 22nd  out of 114 (39th if you add a penalty for looking too nice) but in reality we finished 22nd

  • 5th in our division (sans pretty penalty)

  • We had the 71st slowest car but the plan was to stay on the track and be the tortoise and thanks to Jim’s mechanical wizardry and the best teamwork in the entire place we wore out everyone else and caught a bunch of hare’s. Come to think of it we did catch the VW Rabbit that had a top hat on its roof with a rabbit popping out from time to time

  • This one is a little tricky so you can read it twice or ignore it

    • No other team had a slower ‘Fastest Lap’ time and finished above us but we finished above 51 other cars that had faster ‘Fastest Lap’ times than us

  • Time in the pits for mechanical repairs…9 minutes for the entire event. Which was 1 fuel pump change late on Sunday. 9 min for a fuel pump??? I am going to remember that next time Jim changes one on one of my cars. Seriously this is why we did so well…we stayed on the track thanks to a great build and we did fast pit stops with everyone doing their job

  • We had only a few off track excursions…anytime you’re car is off track you get a black flag, have exit and see the judge,  ours were minimal. And only a little rubbing (and yes Brian, I looked as you suggested and you did add a little character to the paint on the driver’s door but that’s what we needed so it won’t look so pretty! Bottom line is we let the fast guys go and crash into each other and blow up and we kept our pace steady.

I am sure there is more…like the party in the pits on Saturday night but as I said, more about that later, in the mean time are a few pics:

Some favorite cars on the track and in the pits


A crowd favorite…the space shuttle…that sob was pretty damn fast and hard to pass without running into the fuel boosters


The Black Widow coming down the cyclone being chased by the chicken car that they use as a daily driver during the week. Yes those are chickens tied to his wings


The Swedish bobsled team car



I can’t find the pic of the girls team car that had a giant tampon on its roof (about 4 or 5 foot long). All I know it’s hard to pass a Space Shuttle but it’s even harder to pass a Tampon without busting a gut.

Here are some Celebration Pics


More to come…and the next race is only a few months away!