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1961 Huffaker Genie MK-IV For Sale

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1961 Huffaker Genie MK-IV For Sale

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This is a rare opportunity to purchase a true piece of racing history. This Genie has gone through a nut and bolt restoration by the same family and shop that built it over 50 years ago. It has recently been raced, sorted and has won the prestigious Monterey ReUnion Excellence award along with its 3rd place finish at the ReUnion in 2013 in its first appearance at the ReUnion. The car is accepted to this year's ReUnion and PreReunion as well.

In 2012 the car was purchased by the current owner and in 2013 the restoration began by Joe Huffaker Jr. and his team, while Joe Huffaker Sr. provided direction to ensure the highest quality attention to detail. There was a tireless effort to bring this car back to the original form in every way and the success of the restoration is obvious when inspected. 

What made the project possible was the fact that virtually all of the original frame was intact and stored 43 years. This Genie's last known race was in 1971 by Kent Fisk at Riverside Raceway. After sustaining some body damage (no frame damage) the car was put in storage, as replacement bodies were not available.

In 1981 the Genie was purchased from Kent Fisk to convert to a CSR/DSR racer instead of the fledgling vintage racing circuit. Fortunately all changes that were made to the chassis did not impact any of the frame construction, only the roll bar, which was easily reversed. The project stalled in 1982 and it sat in a garage, covered and dry, until purchased in 2012.

After purchase by the current owner, Joe Huffaker Sr. and Jr. were asked to inspect the car and after careful examination Joe Sr. noted,  "this is the most original frame and parts I have seen in many, many years". Joe Sr. went on to discuss many of the welds and recalled who did them in the production process. It was clear that this Genie was worthy of restoration and restoration by Huffaker shop.

The project began with the goal of finishing it before the 2013 Monterey Pre-ReUnion and ReUnion as the Genie had already been accepted.
Although the pressure was on timing wise to have it ready for Monterey, it did not impact the correct finishing of every detail. While the owner looked on in amazement, the Huffaker team restored all the original parts to like new condition and where needed fabricated parts to original specs. The saying 'nut and bolt' restoration applies here in the truest sense of the phrase.

The Genie was completed 2 weeks before the PreReunion and ran a test session at Sears Pt. where it was clear that the project was a success. Over the next 2 weeks minor changes were made and the fine tuning/sorting process took place.

The PreReunion started with the 1300cc Genie in a group of 1955 to 1960/61 Sports Racers with some powered by 5 liter+ motors. The goal was to finish, get familiar with the car and be ready to race the following week. After the first session it was clear that a higher goal was achievable and the Genie finished 6th in the final race on Sunday out of 30 cars and never missed a beat.

The Genie was serviced during the week and was ready to run in the ReUnion in the 1955-1960/61 Class of 2 liter and under cars. It ran flawlessly again and this time fought hard for a 3rd place finish and was awarded the Rolex Excellence Award for its group.

Since Monterey the Genie has run 3 races with CSRG (podium finishes) and the Sonoma Historics where it took a 6th again against cars up to 5 liters.

The Genie is accepted to this year's Monterey in the same class as it was last year, under 2 liter cars and is expected to be competitive again.
While the Genie now has a few miles on it, inspection will show that it looks like the recent restoration it is. After every race a complete inspection and fluid change takes place with every item attended to.

A recent custom header unit was built that not only supplies more power but is in itself a work of art.
The Genie is not only ready to race but ready to win.

Huffaker Genie History
British Motor Car Distributors' Competition Department under the ownership of Kjell Qvale during the early 1960's. BMC, as it was known, was essentially the West Coast equivalent of Max Hoffman's famous distributorship, and Qvale brought Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, MG, Austin Healey, Lotus, Jensen, De Tomaso, Maserati, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Land Rover Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and many other European marques to Americans living in the Western United States starting in the late 1940's. Indeed, the Qvale dynasty is still very much alive today on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco, and throughout their dealer network. During the early 60's, working for Qvale, Huffaker designed, engineered, and constructed some of the earliest mid-engined racecars under the name Huffaker Genie, which was particularly impressive given that neither McLaren nor Lola had introduced any mid-engined cars. Consequently, for a brief period, Huffaker Genies were the car to have, and the company was at one point the largest dedicated racecar constructor in the United States. The facility was in San Rafael, California, and today, Mr. Huffaker is still at work not far away, restoring race cars at a shop located at the famous Sears Point racetrack. Huffaker Genie began initially with four cylinder cars displacing no more than two liters, and eventually grew into producing the Mark 8, which featured a tubular space frame and a range of American V8's from Oldsmobile, Buick, Ford, or Chevrolet.