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1996 Miata Spec Racer

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1996 Spec Miata from Planet Miata

I purchased this car from Planet Miata and had shipped out from the east coast. The original listing for the car is below. I have had it for a year and done about 10 track days/time trials. The car has not been raced since I have owned it.

The car has had meticulous maintenance after every 2 or 3 days of track days with ALL the fluids replaced with the correct recommended fluids and everything inspected and repaired as needed which was only wheel bearings, brakes etc.

This car has been trouble free, its as fast as any (I am not as fast as any J) and can make for a great track day or spec miata race car.

As you can see the car was originally was listed at $19,500. I am selling for $14,750 for quick sale.


 Here is the original listing with the specs: 

Car was originally built in 2011 and barely used.
It has a total of only 2 events in its SCCA logbook.   All of the major components from the suspension, brakes, etc have ONLY 800 miles of track time on them. Previous owner lost interest in the car.
This is the sister car to my personal Spec Miata in every way.  This car is an absolute top notch Spec Miata from the experts at Planet Miata.  To duplicate this car would cost well over 28K. The 2013 race season is here and our cars sell fast.

Call Marc today at 570 262 1013 for more details.

Stewart motor  (124+ HP)

8 point welded rollcage with triple Nascar bars on both sides

G Force FIA cam lock Safety Belts

ACT 4 Puck clutch

Ultrashield racing seat on sliders

Sparco Suede Steering Wheel

Torsen diff with proper 4:30 final drive

Autometer Gauges

Complete SM suspension with adj endlinks

Spare set of Team dynamic wheels with Toyo rains