59 A.H. Bug-Eye Sprite

59 A.H. Bug-Eye Sprite

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For Sale - 1959 Austin-Healey ‘Bug-Eye’ Sprite Contact michael@dcspg.com

For Sale - 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite – a wonderful car that comes with the kind of racing provenance that might allow this car to be accepted everywhere. 40+ years of racing heritage, many regional (mid-Ohio) victories and podium finishes as well as National podium finishes, 4 log books.

I purchased this car a few weeks ago because of its heritage, brought it out from the east coast and planned on racing it this year and next but after I did a great deal of prepping it for the track ($5,000 in recent work), I had an opportunity to buy back one of my beloved previous cars which I have purchased, so the Sprite must go.

If you were at the David Love Memorial you might have seen it in my paddock area and a lot of times with a crowd around it as the bug-eye’s (especially this one) always seem to draw a crowd and a lot of smiles. The bug-eye will also make you smile when you turn-in the first time.

While I am not familiar with some of the names below such as Jon Stamps Racing (motor) and Craig Chima (tranny), I have been told by folks from the area and that are Sprite knowledgeable, that these are the guys you want to have worked on your Sprite.
As noted below the car comes with 4 log books, SCCS, SVRA, VSCDA and while at the David Love Memorial I asked Ken Kirk of CSRG to do an unofficial look at the car to see if he saw anything that was obviously out of CSRG acceptance and other than a few minor issues (battery box location etc.) he thought it looked like it would comply to CSRG rules. This is NOT meant to be considered an acceptance of the car by CSRG in any way but just an unofficial first glance and comment. 

What I now know about the previous ownership is that it was for sale a year or so ago and bought by the person I bought the car from. He paid 10 or 11k. He spent another 5k but never raced it and I bought it for 15k+ shipping and I have invested another 5k in recent work. I am asking 21.5 and while you can find cars for less, I don’t think you can find one with this race history and condition for any less.

While everyone is so willing to advertise ‘Race Ready’, as the seller who sold it to me said (and it clearly wasn’t), I will only say that I brought it to my local shop (Jim Cestarollo) and he did EVERYTHING we could find that needed to be done to get it race ready for me. In our eyes it is ready to race it other than changing the mirrors and until we raced it can’t comment on any other needs. I did a few laps at Sear Pt. and it ran strong, handled amazing and desperately needs mirrors on the right side that give a better view.

This car comes with a signed off clear title and bill of sale.

Here is a list of what we just did and then below is the description from the previous seller.

  1. Corner Balanced (weight 1415lbs)

  2. Transmission front case repaired

  3. New transmission mounts

  4. Rear brakes cylinders new

  5. New head gasket

  6. Checked head for fitness and checked out good

  7. Valve cover gasket

  8. Intake manifold gasket

  9. Right rear axle replaced with used

  10. Differential seal replace

  11. Clutch assembly R&R

  12. Clutch master & slave R&R

  13. Front Suspension rebuild

  14. Lower arm and upper negative arm bushings

  15. Lower Kind pin bushings

  16. Heim joints replaced in rear

  17. Radiator hoses replaces and flush system add water wetter

  18. Complete tune and parts

  19. All fluids

Here is the description from the previous seller:

A longtime race car with continuous history and logbooks back to the eary 1970's. Straight and clean tub and very well prepared and developed car with all the right stuff.  Readily accepted by all vintage groups!  Comes with logbooks for SVRA, VSCDA, SCCA and many vintage photographs of the race car.

  •  Weight: 1450 lbs


  • Engine Builder: Jon Stamps Racing (now owned by Mitch Bressler) 770.318.8661

  • Manufacturer: BMC

  • Type: New – only 12 laps

  • Displacement: 998 cc

  • Horsepower: 95+

  • Induction: twin 1.25" SU

  • Heads: iron

  • Block: iron

  • Crankshaft: stock nitrided

  • Connecting Rods: Carillo

  • Pistons: Cosworth

  • Camshaft: Kent

  • Clutch: heavy duty

  • Flywheel: Aluminum lightweight

  • Exhaust: 3 into 1 header with megaphone

  • MSD Ignition and coil

  • Fuel System

  • Fuel Cell (Completely freshened with Brand New foam)

  • Manufacturer: ATL

  • Capacity: 8 gallon

  • Fuel Pump: electric

Oil/Water System

  • Radiator: brass

  • Water Rad Location: front

  • Oil Cooler: 13 row

  • Oil Cooler Location: front

  • Brand New “Manual Valve” Oil Accusump

Electrical System

  • Ignition: MSD

  • Alternator: no

  • Battery: Brand New


  • Manfacturer: BMC

  • Type: Close Ratio, straight cut

  • Gears: 4 speed

  • Brand new, Rebuilt 10/13 with new gearset by Craig Chima 330.807.0742

Rear End

  • Manufacturer: BMC

  • Type: 4.22 welded

  • Axles: Hardended BTA 940 with double bearing rear hubs


  • Color: All steel with no bondo

  • Condition: Very good

  • Extremely safe rollcage with excellent side impact protection and triangulated into chassis


  • Front Suspension: New Lever shocks with competition springs

  • Rear Suspension: New Lever shocks with offset competition springs

  • Brakes: front disc

  • Steering: rack and pinion

  • Wheels: American Racing 8 spoke

  • Tires: Brand New Hoosier “Vintage Racing Legal” Race Tires -0- Laps


  • Fire System: Brand NEW Fire Charger

  • Restraints: Needed

  • Brand New Kirkey Aluminum Race Seat, Left un-installed so it can be mounted for new driver

  • Brand New MoMo “D Shaped” Suede quick release steering wheel


  • Spare differential & Rear Housing

  • Bugeye all steel nose

  • Many spare "disposables" including pads, shoes, fuel pump, axles spark plugs
    water pump, etc