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1962 MGA MKII Historic Vintage Racer

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A once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a Huffaker prepared
MGA. Accepted by Monterey and Sonoma annually, this MGA
Is typically seen racing nose to tail with Scott Browns MGA and always at the top of their grids.  Awarded the “Best Presentation and Performance” at Sonoma. Featured in Vintage Motorsport Magazine as well as Speed TVs coverage of the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. #31 is prepared to the highest level to 1967 SCCA GCR specs and can be purchased as a pair or sold individually.

The Huffaker #31 MGA is the results of a combined 20 years of seat time between Ed and Scott, and working closely with Huffaker Engineering with car set-ups and developmental testing. Without question the best prepared and developed vintage racing MGA in the US. MGAs not big on HP, the secret to these cars is suspension set-up allowing us to lay down lap times that baffle our competition. Currently running on Hoosier Vintage TD bias plys as well as Hoosier Speedster tires depending on the governing race group. These cars were built in memory of our fathers whom shared racing with us as we grew up. We are passionate about these cars and have been built at no expense. Cost to recreate these cars would easily be doubled the asking price.

Serious inquiries only please. - 650 207 4459

1962 MGA MK II 

Performance Data


            - Builder: Huffaker Engineering
            - Manufacturer: MG
            - Type: In-line 4 cylinder
            - Displacement: 1622cc (+ .040 o ver bore)
            - Horsepower: undiscolsed
            - Torque: undiscolsed
            - Induction: SU Carbs (Huffaker)
            - Cylinder head - Ported, Polished, Flowed (Huffaker)

Fuel System

            - Fuel Cell: Fuel Safe   
            - Age : Bladder 2 years old
            - Capacity: 12 Gallons
            - Fuel Pump: Carter
            - Fuel Regulator: Holley
            - Fuel Type: 112 octane 


            - Radiator: Ron Davis Racing Aluminum
            - Oil Cooler: 12 Row Setrab Alloy
            - Additional: Accusump


            - Manufacturer: BMC
            - Type:  Taylor Dogbox - 4 speed
            - 4 Forward, 1 Reverse

Rear End

            - Manufacturer: MBC
            - Type: Banjo
            - Differential: TranX
            - Case: Aluminum


            - Construction: Steel - 31 restored in 2002,
               41 restored in 2005
            - Color: BRG and Jag Blue
            - Condition: Very Good


            - Both cars just completed off season updates
               and crack tests.
            - Huffaker Motor - low time on new motor -
               heads just refreshed
            - Huffaker Suspension - adjustable front bar,
               djustable lever shocks, Panhard bar
            - Huffaker double bearing rear hubs
            - Tilton Clutch - 23 spline 1” diameter shaft,
               diameter 7 1/2
            - Gear ratio - 4:55  
               Laguna and ThunderHill 
            - Rear axles - MG 25 spline
            - MGB Kingpin front suspension (for safety)
            - Vintage 31 Aluminum Seats