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1964 Giulietta (Giulia) Sprint

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For Sale 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Giulia) Sprint Normale - Street, Rally, Show or Race

Color – Bugatti Blue

California Black Plate:  RAD 064

Vin/Chassis #: AR385765

Motor – 1600 single down draft Solex built my Al Leake - 2005

Transmission - 5 Speed close ratio

Suspension - race design by Al Leake

Rear End - 512 Limited Slip and a 456 non-lsd

For sale is a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint which recently completed a restoration that spanned 8 years and began with the famous Alfa racer and mechanic Al Leake and was completed in March of 2013 by the current owner. This Alfa is a head turner both on the street and the track as it is licensed with a California Black Pate RAD 064 and has already raced twice in the CSRG season opener and as an alternate in the Sonoma Historic’s. In both cases the Sprint passed tech without any corrections, an accomplishment that speaks to the level of detail and quality that has gone into the build. The motor, transmission and other parts have less than 5 hours of total time since the restoration was complete.  


This Alfa Sprint was the last series of Sprints known as the Giulia 1300 Sprint. It was the only early Sprint series that used the name Giulia as opposed to Giulietta which is why I list it as a Giulietta-Giulia to avoid confusion with the later Alfa Giulia Sprint (GTV) series which started in 1965.

This car was originally sold in Las Vegas in 1965 and stayed with that family for 20+ years when it was then sold in Northern California. You can see the original registration card which adorns the steering column just as it did in 1965 in a classic plastic holder. I have spoken to the original owners and they speak fondly of the car that they grew up with and served their family well. It had always been well taken care of under their stewardship.

Over the next 20 years the ownership is vague although known to have stayed in California until it was purchased by Al Leake (documentation comes with vehicle) and Al began the task of building the Vintage Racer. While Al was working on the car he became ill and needed to raise money and sold the project to a Nor Cal vintage racer Rick Beress with the agreement that Al would finish the project and then deliver it. Unfortunately Al passed on before the project was complete.

Rick took over the project in 2007/8 and continued with same attention to quality with which the project began. Over the next few years when time was available progress was made but in the fall of 2012 Rick determined it was time for him to sell all of his racing cars and projects and they were acquired by the current owner.

Just a few months before the current owner purchase this Sprint he had fallen in love with a similarly colored Giulietta Sprint Lightweight that had been shown at Concours Italiano and then sold at Russo and Steele for more than 350k. While this car was in no way a lightweight Sprint it is clear that Leake and Beress had in mind to create some type of 'tribute” to a Lightweight Sprint in its paint and customizations. When the current owner had the opportunity to buy this project he jumped on it and immediately began to finish the project and deliver on the hard work of Mr. Leake and Mr. Beress.

From September of 2012 to April of 2013 the project moved forward with a great deal of attention by the new owner and two bay area Alfa shops. Gauges were installed, new glass and rubber, brakes were completed, a LSD 512 was installed, chrome was added and changes were made so as to make the car street legal. Additionally all the racing details needed to pass tech were attended to. Within a month, the Sprint, now known as #58 not only was licensed for the street with black California plates but it also passed its first tech without conditions at this springs CSRG opening event where the car ran as a guest. Since that time #58 has raced as an alternate at the Sonoma Historic’s.

58 is currently set up for both street, race or rally but the purchaser can decide in which direction they want to go and make easy changes accordingly or use it just as it is. One change already made is that a 456 non-lsd rear end has been installed for easier street driving. The 512 LSD rear end comes with the car.

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  • 1600 Alfa Al Leake Motor with single Solex downdraft. The block is from a limited group of blocks produced without numbers; these motors are sought after by race builders. The motor has less than 5 hours on it

  • 5 Speed rebuilt close ratio gearbox newly built

  • Rear End - 512 Limited Slip and a 456 non-lsd both newly built

  • New alternator

  • Re-cord radiator

  • New Yellow shocks

  • Al Leake custom oversized front sway bar

  • Al Leake customized suspension

  • Interior finished Al Leake marine textured finish

  • Seats are new Corbo Vintage design

  • Blue Corbo drivers 6 pt. belt with passenger vintage belt

  • Autometer gauges

  • Vintage style toggles

  • Paint is of high quality for race and rally and even good enough for local show. There is no signs of ANY rust either now or in the past as Al Leake sought after clean no issue cars to restore

  • New Brakes – drums in rear, disc slotted in front

  • New brake master and cylinders

  • New brake flex and solid lines

  • Balanced driveline and all new rubber and u-joint

  • Rebuilt wiper motors

  • New wiring and fuse box

  • 2 exhaust systems, one for the street and one of the track