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1964 MGB #34 Vintage Racer

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1964 MGB ‘Huffaker’ Vintage Racer in Roadster and Sebring Style configuration

Vin # 64GNH3l25198 – sold with clear title

For Sale is my 1964 MGB that I purchased 2 years ago from a longtime and local Bay Area CSRG vintage racer. When purchased the car was solid and competent but over the last two years I have both cosmetically and especially mechanically, raised the quality and performance to a considerably higher level through a carefully thought-out restoration. From a cosmetic perspective I will let you judge based on the pictures, from a mechanical standpoint the car ran a 2:01:01 at Sears Pt. in its’ last race and considering I have only been racing for a few years, I think it is fair to say this car has been built as a top line competitive MGB. I am selling the MGB along with other cars as I reset my vintage racing direction and collection.
Over the last two years more dollars have been put into the car than the asking price. The buyer will be getting a car he could not even come close to building for the purchase price.
To see the gallery of pictures of the Exterior, Interior, Underside, Trunk and Sebring version please visit:
This racer is truly turn-key ready for the season opener including a complete fluids change. It is ready to go.

Exterior Roadster or Sebring Configuration Options
The MG is currently set up with a custom cut-down windshield although when I purchased the car it had a hardtop with full windshield (the roll up windows are not installed but do come with the car). This Sebring Style look is very attractive and all of the parts come with the car and can be re-installed in a matter of a few hours.

The paint is in very good condition showing no signs of deterioration and there are no signs of rust anywhere. The quality of the paint is an excellent nice race type quality and shows well anywhere. I have spent time on a buff and polish to bring out the best in it. The Body is relatively straight with a few indents (no dents) that can only be seen when looking for them. Again, it’s a better than average body for a race car.

After purchasing the MG I did a cosmetic restoration of the interior with powder coating of the roll bar and battery cover, paint, custom flooring, rally clocks, a new ‘Schroth Camlock’ belt, and polished aluminum trim.

Underside and Suspension
As noted below the suspension was completely gone through by Huffaker and modifications made with setup.

Everything in the trunk including hoses, pumps and tank have been serviced and/or replaced with new.

Engine, Suspension and Mechanicals - Spec’s and recent work

  • Huffaker built race engine, competition balanced crank, cams, camshafts, carrillo rods, etc. Completely built from ground up.

  • Huffaker Carbs

  • Dyno Tune

  • Quaife Rocket Box Tranny

  • Tilton race clutch and flywheel

  • Fuel System R & R with new lines, pumps, regulators, gauges,  fittings

  • Balanced drive line

  • LSD-Differential R&R

  • Electrical system

  • Accusump

  • Huffaker R & R suspension as needed and race set up

- Suspension-unequal control arms, new bushings
- Huffaker adjustable front sway bar
- 850 front springs
- Huffaker Panhard Bar
- Header and Huffaker exhaust system

  • Ron Davis radiator

  • Mitsubishi alternator

  • CSRG Log Book

Sebring Style Set-Up and other parts
As you can see from the pictures, the Sebring style set up comes with the windscreen and top which were removed after purchase and stored. Also included are the side windows and their assembly’s as well as a few boxes of other misc. original parts.