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1971 Alfa Romeo GVT - Giallo Ocra
Serial number is AR 1533216

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Bridgeway Motors  - Michael Vogel
Sausalito Ca 94965

1971 Alfa Romeo GTV
Giallo Ocra

Serial number is AR 1533216
Just turned 75k and believed to be original. There are pages of documentation for work done available on request for serious buyers

Paint condition considered at 9 to 9.5 out of 10. Paint last done in 2004 McCabe Automotive Restoration in Chicago.

No known existing or prior rust. No rust underside at all.  Underside Rockers clean.   No rust in the usual areas: Trunk, around windshield and side glass.

No known or observable. Panels are straight, one rock chip in hood to be repaired but is minor as it is

Rebuild, Replace and Upgrade receipts from 83 and then 2003-2004 include the following:

  • Engine

  • Clutch

  • brake master cylinder

  • transmission rebuild

  • Limited Slip Differential unit Upgrade

  • AutoSprint Headers (see photo)

  • Koni Shocks

  • Compression test at Scuderia Rampante August 2011,slightly warm,  5 hits,  Throttle open, 5800 feet elevation: 151 – 148 – 145 – 150


  • Centerline Stinger exhaust from muffler back


  • Shankle type upgraded spring set

  • Koni shocks

  • Limited Slip


  • Overall excellent condition.

  • Seats – there are two sets of seats. Depending on the price and how the car is sold the buyer can choose both or either set of seats

    • currently in the car are '69 Flying Buttress Seats recovered in really nice Connolly Leather (Daytona Style tan/black with perforated leather inserts.).  Real Alfa seats...just upgraded in leather, which as you know was not an option on these cars in 71.  Prior owner said $4000 for the leather re-do

    • The "extra" seats are from the 71 with the patterned vinyl.  Recovered, and as new.  Front and back available.  Black vinyl.

  • Steering Wheel – there are two steering wheels and buyer can choose either or both depending on price.

    • Original Alfa "Personal" wood steering wheel - excellent condition

    • Nardi Steering wheel -   $700 receipt


  • 14" period correct BWA wheels.  (Do not have the originals except for the spare).

Car Ownership History: (last names available on request)

  • Neal xxxxxx - PA 1983

  • Dr. Gregory xxxxx - PA/AL 1986

  • Dr. David xxxxxx  1994

  • Rollin xxxxxxx - Chicago Board Of Exchange Broker 2003 – IL

  • John xxxxxx – IBM Denver 2010

Miles Documentation:

  • Dr. Greg Miller,  9/27/83   59,500 miles

  • Timing adjustment (no date)  61,062 miles

  • Maint receipt 04/24/86  64, 653 miles.

  • Dr. Dave Christiansen   registration 11/01  69007 miles

  • 09.03 69.289 miles

  • Log Book (in glove box)   04/04 69,445 miles    thru 2009 miles/maint log.  

  • Rollin Polinitza kept detailed records and log book.

  • McCabe Auto Restoration work in 2004

  • Besic Motorsports work in 2004....