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For Sale 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulietta GT 'Step Nose' Euro delivery

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For Sale 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 'Step Nose' Euro delivery

   For Sale 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 'Step Nose' Euro delivery

This Step Nose is a wonderful example that shows well and drives strong. It was stored for over 10 years and I since I acquired it I have gone through it mechanically and cosmetically with the intent of restoring it to a condition that is fun to show at the local event, strong enough to drive on the back-roads with the best of them and sound enough to drive anywhere any time.

It is clearly a Euro delivered car based on the side markers and gauges. There is also the original Alfa Romeo Giulia GT owner’s manual that is in Italian and came with the car. It even has the key number on the inside cover. The car is believed to be a California car for the last 35+ years but there is no specific documentation to that point. I do know that it was in the bay area for at least the last 25 years from the previous owner. 

Another interesting and unusual piece is the 'Bloster' Steering Wheel Column lock and assembly which is in working and original condition. The steering column locks were made for Maserati's, Lamborghini's, Alfa's and I am sure other cars in the 60's.


  • Suspension gone through and specifically the front end completely rebuilt

  • Tuned, fresh fluids, new battery

  • Clutch and Transmission are strong. Second gear does need to warm up so as not to grind

  • Brakes serviced 

  • Tires new

  • Engine brought back to original except for period correct polishing 

  • H4 Headlights

  • New wiper arms

  • complete radiator rebuild

  • Starts quickly

  • Many new gaskets and restored sidelights

  • New sport tailpipe

  • No leaks

  • Runs Strong

  • all gauges work and look good

  • No known rust other than minimal surface rust in a small area of the undercarriage that I have not painted over

  • Lift points are perfect

My mechanic, Jim Cestarollo of Alfaman of Novato says its one of the best driving Step Nose variety he has driven.


  • Repaint from the 90's that has been recently color sanded to give a deep and beautiful appearance. The paint has but a few minimal surfaces issues now that I have address minor dimples etc.

  • Interior is all there, no cracks, everything works. Looks wonderful - see pics

  • New period correct hub caps

  • new period correct Alfa round side mirrors

  • Upholstery looks original but has been redone at some point as I believe the same is true for the carpet

  • Headliner is discolored but not damage. I have not tried to clean it as its fine the way it is for me and I didn’t want to risk damage.

Overall it has a wonderful appearance that the next owner could take to the next level if they desire or enjoy as it is.

All of the GTV's are going up in value but the 67 GT Step Nose is still one of the most desirable. Finding a car that is all there, never abused, ready to drive and use for a long time is a great opportunity.