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1960 Mini Copper S Replica EARLY PRODUCTION Morris Minor - March of 1960

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     The mini is a small car that was produced by the British Motor Corporation and its successors from 1959 until 2000. The original is considered a British icon of the 1960s; sits space saving front-wheel-drive layout influenced a generation of car makers. The Mini Mark I had three major updates: the Mark II, the Clubman and the Mark III. There were other variations, such as estate wagons, a pickup truck, a van, the Mini Moke and the sportier versions, the Mini Cooper and Cooper “S”. The Cooper and Cooper S were successful as rally cars, winning the Monte Carlo Rally four times from 1964 through 1967.

      Initially, Minis were marketed under the Austin and Morris names, as the Austin Seven and Morris Mini Minor, until Mini became a marque in its own right in 1969. The Mini was once again marketed under the Austin name in the 80s.

      At its peak, the Mini was a strong seller in most of the countries where it was sold, with the U.K. inevitably receiving the highest volumes. A total of 1,581,887 Minis were sold in Britain after its launch in 1959. The Mini became a cultural icon and shows up in movies such as “The Italian Job” (1969), “The Bourne Identity” (2002), “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and in television shows,”The Prisoner” (as the Mini Moke) and “Mr. Bean”.

      The Mini presented for sale here was built on March 4, 1960. Based on its chassis number it was the 16,646th Mini built (chassis #M-A254-L/16646), making this Mini a very early car in the production run. This information is verified by the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certified Copy of Factory Record. This car is now badged as an Austin Cooper S. Please note that the reference below to the mini being built in 1961 is incorrect, the Heritage Certificate confirms its early build date.

The following quotes are from the Russo and Steele Auction Company write-up we received (consignment #:7122 Run #: TH277) when we bought the car. (Note that their designation year of “1961” was incorrect. Subsequent research has shown it to be a 1960 model):

       “Offered here is a third-year 1961 Morris Mini with an upgraded 1098cc engine. Sporting dual carburetors, headers, sport camshaft, oil cooler, velocity stacks, megaphone exhaust, front disc brakes, adjustable suspension, sump guard, Cosmic wheels Dunlop Super SP 10” tires, fender flares, new shocks, brakes, bearings 4-speed transmission, dual fuel tanks with locking Monza flip up caps, Paddy Hopkirk seats, gas pedal & lowered column, leather steering wheel, roll bar, racing belts, new headliner & carpets, racing mirrors and a fire extinguisher, it is a nicely prepared for street or track. Additionally optioned with Lucas headlights & rally lights, an interior map light, removable magnetic race/rally door white backgrounds, plexiglass side & rear windows, new windshield, it also has the appearance of a vintage Mini rally car.”

     “The car has a “virgin” body & similarly sound sub-frames that have never experienced any accidents, rust or damage of any kind. Just twelve years and only a bit over 1000 miles ago, the car was comprehensively stripped and refinished in dark blue with an ivory top & special Cooper hood with hand painted racing stripes. Further accents include new bumpers, door & window seals, door hinges and a single key that locks both doors and the car’s bootlid latch.”

       “Garage kept & covered following restoration and never driven in rain, snow, or on gravel roads, this beautiful and desirable early Mini will be sure to turn heads and accent any collection of fine sporting automobiles.”

       “I buy only undamaged, rust free, original cars for my collection to to build & restore.”

       “Clear title. Great performer & economical too. Always gets comments when taking out for a drive & shows very well at car shows. A blast to drive!”

       “Original Morris VIN plate with more attractive Austin grille & badging, 60002 miles on speedometer.”

The following is a list of restoration/refurbishment work done and new parts installed on this car since we have owned it:

       .   Complete suspension “set-up”, alignment and corner weighting
       .   Original seats reconditioned
       .   DynaMat installed on bulkhead, floor and  all interior side panels
       .   Complete carpeting kit installed
       .   Complete new interior kit installed (except for 2 sets of seats, one racing one original style)
       .   New interior mirror
       .   New door stops  
       .   Engine recently tuned-up and rejetted
       .   New Spax Shocks and Hi-Lo
       .   New Tachymeter (0-7000)
       .   New RC40 Exhaust
       .   New gas lines
       .   New electronic ignition (Pertronix Distributor and Coil)
       .   Cosmic Wheels (period correct aftermarket ‘60s)
       .   New Yokohama A008 tires
       .   New (extra) VIN plate (original on car)
       .   New Mini-specific car cove
       .  New Starter
       .   Rebuilt carbs

     Since the recent color sanding, carburetor rebuild and fine tuning the Mini is not only a show stopper but the performance of the 1098 is downright surprising as it accelerates through the gears better than many 1275’s.

          With this Mini’s very attractive colors, rally lights and cool period Cosmic wheels, it sits and looks just “right”. The current owners have lavished money and time to refurbish this never-any-rust, very early year Mini. For example, the obvious cost and care taken to properly fit the interior with dynamat insulation, new carpets, new interior panels and new headliner. It all looks of a piece. This same level of quality restoration work shows through in the detailed engine compartment, trunk and the suspension/underbody. In addition, such a high quality paint job is seldom seen on a car in this price range. Everywhere you look you see testimony to this vintage replica’s turn-key condition.

             This Mini Cooper S replica will afford its new owner an opportunity to enjoy the unique exhilaration of driving a completely restored and fully fettled vintage Mini Cooper S. Nothing will be faster through the backroads and yet it is civilized and powerful enough to make the whole drive enjoyable.